Background Information:

This extremely high elevation Ethopian (1950-2060 meters) is sourced from a single 20 acre farm near the community of Chelchele in the Gedeb District. In fact, this is the first year the farmer has been able to sell his coffee as a micro-lot. Last year,  after a successful 2017 harvest, this coffee earned the auction's top prices, fetching between $30.50 and $38.50 per pound prior to roasting. We are proud to carry this coffee without the hefty auction prices of last year!


Roast Level: Medium


Tasting Notes:

Rasperry notes start with a velvety finish. In heavier ratios you will get blueberry tones, but either way you are going to get your fruit on. Given it's complexity, we recommend adjusting ratios to your liking and 1:16 - 1:17 ratios (18-20 grams per cup) are what we find best let's this shine.


Ethiopia Gedeb - Small Lot - Natural Processed (12 Oz)

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    Markus Aurelius and Mikus Maximus Production