Located in the Gedeo Zone within the Yirgacheffe District, this naturally processed beauty is sourced from family owned farms around the Aricha coffee mill. 650 small coffee farmers contribute to this hard to find coffee as only the most consistent and high quality beans are used for distribution. Altitude ranges from 1900 - 2100 meters. You will be hard pressed to find this coffee elsewhere.


Roast Level: Light


Tasting Notes:

Peach and lime overtones compliment the floralness here. To us, it's like summertime in a cup with just the right sweetness. This will not be your fruit or chocolate bomb you may find in other Ethiopians, but that's why we love it so. One of the most well rounded cups of coffee we can find. 

Ethiopia Aricha - Natural Processed (12 Oz)

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    Markus Aurelius and Mikus Maximus Production