We love our high elevation coffee here and this one continues the trend at 1980-2008 meters and sourced from a 25 acre lot. Located in the community of Median Espejo, two volcanos are responsible for many of the rich mineral traits found in the soil composition. Located in the southwest region of the country, the microclimate of this region allows for cooler nights which allows for concentrated flowering and long cherry maturation. This grower won first place in the Colombia Cup of Excellence in 2017 and we are thrilled to have it. 


Roast Level: Medium-Dark


Tasting Notes:

If you find Ethopian coffees too bold, this one is a great compliment to your pallete. Smooth with chocolate back notes, you will also notice stonefruit elements. This is a every day drinker for even the most discerning drinkers. 

Colombia Narino - Small Lot - Natural Processed (12 Oz)

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    Markus Aurelius and Mikus Maximus Production